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We're all on a journey of movement together, and sometimes there are things we wish we could do better -- or at least, with less pain.

Embark on your quest of self-discovery today, and discover the latent prodigy in you, which will help you move more easily and efficiently!

I believe in the latent prodigy, the genius, in all of us, and I know that by learning about how we move, we can find better ways to move and live.

I want to share with you lessons that will help you learn something about yourself; I want to help you discover a potential and power in yourself, for yourself.

Embark on these lessons as quests -- begin with curiosity, and openness ... and you will be rewarded with new options in movement.

When we know what we are doing, how we are moving, we are free to choose new movement patterns -- and our world expands.  The impossible can become possible, and the possible can become easy, graceful and powerful.

Prepare to embark on a journey of self-discovery as you learn to move easily and freely with Kinetic Quest.


Join me in working through personalized quests (individual, as well as group online and in-person classes) that will help you increase your awareness of your body and how it moves or doesn't move and develop new movement options.


I am ready to guide you on your path towards optimal wellness and whole body movement.

Greetings, fellow adventurer!

My Movement Journey

I want to share how certain lessons, based on my experience in various industries, can be effective for everyone.

I understand the constant pain many customer service and food service workers endure. But I've learned that we can all improve our situation by understanding ourselves better.

Like many, I suffered from chronic pain, but I've managed to overcome it. This journey is linked to our life experiences and movement. My childhood was marked by limited physical activity due to a protective father. In my professional theatre career, I developed specific movement patterns, often ignoring pain. Years of standing in customer service roles worsened this, leading to various body pains by 2018.

Real change began with the discovery of Moshe Feldenkrais' Awareness Through Movement ® technique. Though initially skeptical, I realized that altering habitual movements could relieve pain. This was solidified in a workshop with Gisele St. Hilaire at the Okanagan Feldenkrais Centre. I learned the fascial pain in my feet largely stemmed from my shoulders and hips, and over two years, I resolved my chronic pain through targeted movement.

I've discovered that we often stick to the same movement patterns because they are familiar and they may be all we know.  We think there's no alternative to a gradual decline into discomfort and immobility as we age.  However, that doen't have to be the case!  I don't accept that just because people get older they need to get used to living in pain or give up on the activities they love to do. And neither should you! Once we are aware of our actions, exploring new movements can be surprising and wonderful.  

Now, as a certified Feldenkrais ATM practitioner and founder of Kinetic Quest, I aim to help others learn about their movement patterns to reduce pain and improve mobility. Join us at Kinetic Quest to start your journey towards a pain-free life and unlock your latent potential.


What have you got to lose?   ~   Explore the possibilities and see the difference it can make.


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